BenfoPure Webinar

Web-Seminar on Benfotiamine (closed)

by XSTO Solutions, May 22, 2013

More and more Americans are watching their sugar intake and evaluating options to limit the negative health effects too much sugar may have. Catch the latest news about what consumers are doing to curb sugar’s effects and learn about a new nutritional option that supports this growing trend.

BenfoPure® is the only benfotiamine which has a regulatory status in the USA. With its ability to help maintain healthy sugar metabolism, BenoPure®, has a unique mode-of-action by supporting healthy sugar metabolism and blocking harmful biochemical pathways through which high blood sugar damages cells. Hear about these benefits and more during this complimentary webinar sponsored by XSTO Solutions.

Part 1 – “The Dangers of Sugar” by Steve Hanson, GRIP Ideas (20 min)

Part 2 – “BenfoPure Benfotiamine” by Dan Murray, XSTO Solutions (30 min)